is a well-known Coach
and Consultant
on personal growth
and family relations

With many years of experience, Miriam Geltman is a holistic family consultant, a Montessori teacher,
a loving wife and mother, a woman who combines purity of heart
and depth of wisdom...

She has guided thousands of women and couples over
the years. She has helped a great many of those to tap into happier relationships and marriages.

Miriam generously shares a variety of keys that open up
access to our limitless Soul through relaxation of the body,
mind and healing of the mind.

• Miriam has 25 years of experience working with clients and students

• Author of many articles, new methods and practices, meditations

• Creator of numerous online forums, live retreats and trainings etc

Miriam uses a wide range of innovations in the field of personal development,

applies deep knowledge of Kabbalah and Hasidism,

and intuitively determines what a person really needs to work on.

From the very first meetings, clients receive very valuable, clear and practical recommendations.
Miriam has a number of courses and webinars which are created as a powerful support and a great resource.

You can find deep insights, transformative tools and guidance on your way to your personal natural power of creation in all aspects of life.
Guided meditations are Miriam's quintessential wisdom rooted in the sacred teachings of Yoga, Tai Chi and Kabbalah.

Experience heart healing meditations that will restore your true power of femininity and help you to create a new quality of all spheres in life.

https://miriamrabin.com/ (website with meditations)

Miriam helps to encourage everlasting harmony between a woman and a man

- to create a more wholesome approach to their business.

- (for women) to find their way to harmonious, sensual, confident and creative femininity and to understand their man on a new level

- (for men) to find their way to wholesome masculinity and to understand their woman on a new level

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