Choose a comfortable type of private sessions with Miriam that suits you most and is tailored to your
unique requests and needs...


When purchasing any package with 60 min or 45 min sessions, or both types of packages (packages are listed below) - You can use each session either in the offered time framework,
OR you can adjust time to each session uniquely
tailored to your request.

How does it work?

When purchasing a chosen package of sessions you
automatically purchase total amount of time, say, e.g., a package of 10 sessions, 60 min each. Your total time is 10 hours! So now you can decide whether today's session with Miriam is going to be 1 hour, or your feeling tells you - 30 min is perfectly enough!
Subsequently your next session can be 1 hour and a half long!

This is a very convenient advantage when purchasing packages, as you have
freedom in adjusting your time.Please see below packages of private sessions
with discounts.
RUBY 90 min consultation, $780
possible to purchase a one-time session

DIAMOND 60 min consultation, $630
possible to purchase a one-time session

EMERALD 45 min consultation.
This type is for multiple-sessions only.

PEARL 20 min consultation.
This type is for multiple-sessions only.

Below you will find special consultation packages
along with great offers and discounts.

This is a chance to receive a quality and
long-term support for restoring your personal resourcefulness while you are seeking to attain
wholesome and desired way of Your Life...

Consultation packages with Miriam
Prices are shown in USD
60 min consultation

Audio and video recordings of each session will be sent to your email.

One - time session $630 1 hour

Package of 6 cons. - $3,300 ($550/ 1h)
Package of 10 cons. - $5,260 ($526/ 1h)
Package of 12 cons. - $5,260 ($526/ 1h)

Package of 15 cons. - $7,100 ($473/ 1h)
40 min consultation

Audio and video recordings of each session will be sent to your email.

Package of 10 cons. - $3,950 ($395/ 40 min)
Package of 12 cons. - $4,640 ($387/ 40 min)
Package of 15 cons. - $5,670 ($378/ 40 min)

Contact us to book a session with Miriam.
- Questions regarding consultations with Miriam
- Book time & date for your sessions
- One time consultation
- Consultation packages
Ilana (Lena)
Ilana (Lena)
Consultation with Miriam Rabin in real life

Time and place are arranged in advance, depending on the location (Canada, USA, Israel, Europe)

Payment for real life consultations can not be combined with online packages. It has to be made separately.

Below you will find information and options for arranging private sessions in real life.

Once purchased, sessions can be used within 12 months:


Miriam provides the opportunity to use her Zoom platform for sessions, with the ability to receive a recording of consultations.

The access to recordings of consultations is sent via Google Drive to your email.

• Recordings are stored on Miriam's Google Drive for free during the first 7 days after each session.

• If you would like sessions to be stored on Miriam's Google Drive for a year - a fee of 15 USD will be charged per session. (If you wish, you can download sessions to your gadgets throughout the year at any time).


• In other cases, we ask you to download your sessions to your gadgets within 7 days after the consultation.

After 7 days access to sessions will be automatically deleted without any reminder.

Cancellation of the session is possible 24 hours before the session (with a full refund if this is a one-time session).

If the session is canceled within 24 hours before the arranged time - 50% of the cons. removed from your balance.

If the cancellation occurs within the final hour before the consultation or in case if a client does not attend the session without prior notice- the full cost and time of the session is removed from your balance (if this is a one-time cons. - the amount is non refundable)


Time being late for a consultation is added to the total time of the consultation payment. If time exceeds the arranged time of the session - additional charge will be applied.

Private consultations with Miriam in REAL LIFE
Real life sessions allow for instant transformational process to occur on a much deeper level.

Being in one energy field with the master, your real request tunes with Miriam wholesome wisdom.

When two partners decide to participate live in the same consultation with Miriam and address mutual question, this
is one of the most valuable ways to invest in quality development as a couple.

Real life sessions with two people (couple, relatives, a parent and a child) - is a space, where a number of blind zones are transformed and new level of mutual understanding is attained.
Payment options and additional information:

- If you prefer to pay in CAD $, please compare prices with current exchange rates
- and we will also confirm on our side

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Interac (e-Transfer) or Zelle:

From the moment of your purchase:
Any package of 6, 10, 12 sessions IS VALID FOR A YEAR.
Any package with 15 and 20 sessions IS VALID FOR 18 MONTHS !

Payment options and additional information:
Options of payment at once or in several instalments:

* if prepaid in full amount at once - no additional charges apply

* a full amount to be paid in 2 instalments within one month, 10% increase of
total price applies

* a full amount to be paid in 2 instalments within two months - 15% increase of
total price applies

Cancellation policy for online session packages:

If you decide to cancel your purchase on the 7th day from the date of payment - there is a return of 60% from full amount of the purchased package.

If you decide to cancel your purchase anytime after 7 days from the date of payment - there is a return of 0% from the full amount of purchased package.

If for any personal reasons you choose to stop or pause your purchased sessions with Miriam - a credit can be arranged
using the outstanding amount which can be redeemed in choosing other products, such as courses, webinars, subscription to Q/A.
About Miriam Geltman
Miriam Geltman is a holistic family consultant
with many years of practice, a Montessori teacher,
a loving wife and mother, a woman who combines purity of heart and depth of wisdom...

The power of Miriam's teaching and consulting is that she speaks only what she herself has experienced deeply.

She has guided thousands of women and couples over
the years and helped many of those to tap into happier
relationships and marriages.

Miriam generously shares a variety of keys that open up
access to our limitless Soul through relaxation of the body,
mind and healing of the mind.
Consultations with Miriam Geltman

Miriam helps to encourage everlasting harmony between woman and man, and how to build the atmosphere of love and mutual respect within a couple.

One of the great aspects that Miriam helps women with is to find their way to harmonious, sensual, confident and creative Femininity.

Living a wholesome lifestyle herself, Miriam coaches
others to improve their total health body, mind, and soul.

During her practice Miriam has helped many families and women in
particular in creating a more wholesome approach to their business.
Miriam is able to pinpoint where personal drive for prosperity may be blocked in various ways, from wrong initial intention to
positioning on the market. Miriam has the unique intuitive capacity to guide to the path of least resistance for any business structure.

Preparing for your private

We highly recommend that you get acquainted first with Miriam's practice and work via her articles, audio & video replies to her clients and followers,
which can be found on her open social media accounts:


Public Telegram channel:

Facebook pages:

Miriam Geltman has also a number of courses and webinars which are created as a powerful support and a great resource where you can find
deep realizations, transformative tools to inspire yourself and guide you on
your way to your personal natural power of creation in all aspects of life.

Deep practical wisdom on diverse topics from a daily life of a Woman are addressed in existing courses and recorded webinars, such as:

Woman in changing world
Daily Dose of Inspiration
Deep Self Care and Love
Montessori Parenting
Art of Communication
Femininity at it best
Motherhood vs Womanhood
Planting good seed for a happy relationships
Woman in business
Love and Dating Q&A

and via other courses and webinars....

If you have any questions or would like to purchase consultation packages please contact Olga or Ilana (Lena) Miriam's assistants on Telegram or WhatsApp.